Meet Tom

I've lived my entire life in Durham Region. I have dedicated my life to protecting our residents and fighting to make Durham the best and safest place to raise a family.

My father worked at General Motors for 36 years and my mother was a small business owner. I was raised to believe in the value of hard work and the importance of keeping your word.

I started my career with the Durham Regional Police at the age of 18. I believed then, and still believe today, that we must always fight for what's right. I strongly believe in the importance of ethics and in maintaining the public trust through transparency and accountability. This is something that is currently lacking in our Federal government. I believe we must hold our government accountable and demand better of our elected officials.

As a child abuse and sexual assault investigator and a lead investigator in Homicide, I have seen the dark side of society. I have also witnessed incredible acts of kindness and selflessness between complete strangers. As an investigator in Professional Standards I investigate allegations of Police misconduct. I recognize the incredible job our officers do on a daily basis while holding officers to account when standards we expect of our officers are not met. We deserve the best from our officers and we should expect the same high standards from our elected officials. We deserve no less.

I have been married to my wife Arlene for 23 years and she is my rock. We have raised two incredible boys who we hope will make the same decision we did - to live, work, and raise their families in Durham.

I am running because I believe my children, and your children, deserve a future not burdened with excessive debt from wasteful spending, scandals and mismanagement. I see a bright future for all of us. Please help me get our country back on track by electing me your Conservative Candidate for Whitby.

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