Priorities for Ajax

Keeping our community safe

I've dedicated my life to keeping our community safe. Whether it's organized crime, gangs, drugs, or homicide - I've seen it first hand. Ajax should be a community of hope and opportunity - and a safe place to live, work, and raise and family.

Support for Small Business and Entrepreneurs

Small businesses are the backbone of our Canadian economy. Successful small business owners and entrepreneurs create real jobs and opportunities in our community. They need to be protected from higher taxes and over-regulation.

Lowering taxes for hard-working Canadians

Raising taxes on hard-working Canadians means they have less money to bring home to their families. This makes it even more challenging for families to get ahead. Lowering taxes for hard-working families and entrepreneurs enables sustainable economic growth and will allow for a better and secure future.

A Balanced Budget

When the government over spends reckless amounts of money, this takes away the resources needed in some parts of our community that are struggling. We need to balance the budget and provide further assistance to young families, seniors and entrepreneurs in Ajax.

Support for seniors

It is important to recognize the hard work, sacrifice and contribution our seniors have made in Ajax. Our seniors should not have to fear getting older. Retirement should be a time of life when the pace slows, and living becomes richer – an opportunity to be with friends, enjoy nature, and feel part of a community.


Support for young families

As the population of young families grow in our community, it is important to address the cost of living. We need to encourage active healthy living and improve family savings. This will better secure a prosperous future for all.

Being a voice for all of Ajax

People come to Canada for one reason: We live in the best country on Earth. Ajax has grown to include people from all over the world who share one thing in common - they want to work hard to provide the best possible opportunities for their families. Our Conservative party needs to welcome and embrace new Canadians, and as your candidate and Conservative MP, I will work to do just that.